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Round Trip: The Magazine is a 20+ page physical + digital experience. It’s jam-packed with articles about how I moved to France during a pandemic, the best French villages to add to your bucket list and how I saved $7,000 to move abroad.


Are you dreaming of an escape? Is your head in the clouds thinking about the next trip you’re going to take, especially during this dang pandemic?

You’re constantly reading travel blogs and following new world-traipsing influencers. But you’re craving a more intimate, immersive experience to satisfy that wanderlust of yours.

Enter Round Trip: The Magazine, a 20+ page physical + digital experience with both tips and heart. I love providing practical content for my blog readers — and there is plenty of that in my magazine — but I long to show you the other side of the coin. The anxiety and fear behind edited Instagram photos. The hustle that is saving every last penny to move abroad. The vulnerability of inserting yourself into a new culture and language. The panic that is navigating Covid lockdowns far from home. The wild goose chase that’s called following down your passions till your body aches.

In September 2020, I made the daring leap of faith to move to France from Missouri during a global pandemic to teach English, and I haven’t looked back. I jam-pack these pages with my best stories, tips and advice for those whose interests are piqued by life abroad, France, travel, budgeting and foreign language learning.

Interested in the quirky differences between French and American cultures? Yep, I got that down pat.
Need to study up on some basic French or want to spice it up with some slang? Je suis là pour vous.
Looking for ways to save thousands of dollars to travel or move abroad? I dish how I saved $7,000 to move abroad.
Anxious about how to make friends while abroad? Been there, done that.
In search of the best resources to plan your next trip? I’ve been around this block a few times.
Not sure how to even go about making a travel budget? I created a free course with more than 5,000 students enrolled, and I’m share my best tips.

PLUS: Every magazine purchase includes an online portal with bonus content that accompanies the magazine. The QR code is included in the magazine and will give you access to a password-protected nook of my blog with language learning help, additional resources and printables.

*This is a digital copy ONLY. You will not receive a physical product; this is an instant download. If you’d like to purchase the physical copy instead, click here.


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