40 Ways to Travel Better



I’ve had my share of adventures — lessons, mistakes and all. Like that one time I accidentally dined and dashed in France and realized it awkwardly late — like across the street late. Or the time I told a guy that I was sexually-aroused excited for a weekend in the mountains instead of pumped-up excited. (Hey, foreign language is hard!) Relive the worst night of my life on a train from Paris to Milan. And learn about how I dealt with missing my train across the south of France, which may have included bawling in the corner of the station’s bakery.

Other adventures include spending the weekend in a castle in the French countryside. And dancing to Beyoncé at a beachside restaurant in Slovenia. Included in your copy, you’ll score several handy lists: journal prompts, gotta-have apps, best travel investments and how to fill your solo travel time—without Instagram. Cuddle up with a cozy blanket and a cup of joe as you journey with me and learn how to travel better.

Whether you’re backpacking across Europe or taking a cruise in the Caribbean, this book will help walk you through 40 strategies to improve your packing, documenting, photography, long-term travel, saving money, foreign language and mindset.

  • Project Option: 5×8 in, 13×20 cm
    # of Pages: 44
  • ISBN
    • Softcover: 9781973416111
  • Publish Date: Oct 09, 2018
  • Language English


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