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50 Most Used French Verbs to Know + Free Flashcards


Learning a foreign language can be a doozy. Sometimes I get so frustrated by what I don’t know that it takes away the joy from what I do know. My French teacher in high school reminded us that even though we’re native English speakers, we still won’t know every last English word and rule. And it’s the same when we’re learning French. Today we’re going to learn the 50 most common French verbs.

Studying the most popular words in a language is a great place to begin learning. Paul Rivenc did a study* on the most commonly used French words, and he came up with a list of the 50 most used French verbs, which I’ve included below.

If you’re learning French and want to grow your verb repertoire, this is a great way to expand your vocab. Start by learning the infinitives so that you can recognize them as you read or listen, and then start writing out their conjugations.

  1. être: to be
  2. avoir: to have
  3. faire: to do or to make
  4. dire: to say
  5. aller: to go
  6. voir: to see
  7. savoir: to know
  8. pouvoir: to be able to
  9. falloir: to be necessary
  10. vouloir: to want
  11. venir: to come
  12. prendre: to take
  13. arriver: to arrive
  14. croire: to believe
  15. mettre: to put
  16. passer: to pass
  17. devoir: to have to
  18. trouver: to find
  19. donner: to give
  20. comprendre: to understand
  21. connaître: to know
  22. partir: to leave
  23. demander: to ask
  24. tenir: to hold
  25. aimer: to love
  26. penser: to think
  27. rester: to stay
  28. manger: to eat
  29. appeler: to call
  30. sortir: to go out
  31. travailler: to work
  32. acheter: to buy
  33. laisser: to leave or to let
  34. écouter: to listen
  35. entendre: to hear
  36. rentrer: to return
  37. commencer: to start
  38. marcher: to walk
  39. regarder: to look
  40. rendre: to give back
  41. revenir: to come back
  42. lire: to read
  43. monter: to go up
  44. payer: to pay
  45. parler: to speak
  46. chercher: to look for
  47. jouer: to play
  48. paraître: to appear or to seem
  49. attendre: to wait
  50. perdre: to lose

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*Adapted from Structure du français moderne: Introduction à l’analyse linguistique, Pierre Léon et Parth Bhatt. Quatrième édition. Pages 194–195.